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Wednesday, May 25, 2022



tips for begginners to use treadmill

Cardio is one of the most important sports that lead to the strengthening of the heart muscle, greatly improving blood circulation, improving metabolism by improving metabolic processes, improving the work of the hormonal glands significantly, alleviating any symptom that may lead to depression in the individual; also reducing the feeling of fatigue.

Running on a treadmill has many benefits for your health whether you are training in the gym or at home, this equipment is very effective in keeping you fit no matter the weather.

To start running or walking on a treadmill, there are easy steps to be taken into account for beginners

1-the warming up:

tredmill for begginners

The warm-up process is necessary for any sport, so when ascending on the treadmill, you must start at a slow and steady pace, but it should be faster than your normal walk, and this is for two or three minutes.

2- Increase the speed of the treadmill:

Once you warm up, you can slowly increase your speed until you reach a speed that suits your physical abilities.

3- Adjust the incline:

After you get used to it and feel comfortable, you can tilt the treadmill between 1 and 2 percent; this is to increase the muscles resistance

and find similar conditions for an outdoor sprint, because when you run on the treadmill in a horizontal position, you are running on a flat surface without resisting the wind.

4- Relax your posture:

Your body posture is very important while running on the treadmill, so you should pay attention to the following things:

*To stand straight.

* Your gaze horizontally, not towards the console screen.

* Don't put yourself too close to the front of the machine (you won't be able to raise your knees properly), also not too far toward the back (this results in very short steps).

* Do not use speed beyond your physical capabilities and make you lose control of your body movements.

* Breathe correctly, inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.

5- hydrate:

Last but not least, remember to drink enough water before you start running! Water is very important to help you focus and prevent cramps.

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Thursday, May 12, 2022




Arm sagging is one of the problems that affect the aesthetic shape of the human body, especially women, and may cause them to feel ashamed of their appearance, which affects their psychological state.

Arm sagging is due to two main reasons; the first is the tendency of our skin to lose its elasticity as we age, due to the accumulation of excess sebum in some areas. Secondly, hormonal imbalance may also lead to flabby arms.

The solution is not difficult, and it depends mainly on practicing exercises that help to tighten the arms,  the beginning is complete without weights, just focus on repetition of the number of exercises to increase the endurance of the arms which helps to tighten the sagging, these exercises are simple and can be performed at home easily.

Arms exercises at home to tighten sagging:


Here are 7 of the best exercises to slim the arms, it is not required to go to the gym to perform them, just follow the instructions and the videos of the exercises.

1- Wall push-up:

An easy and effective exercise that can be started to warm up your muscles before starting the more difficult exercises.

A- Start the exercise by standing about a step away from the wall, then place your palms on the wall so that they are slightly above your shoulders, and your fingers are facing the ceiling, this is the starting position.

B- Bend your elbows and tilt your body toward the wall so that your nose touches the wall.

C- Push your body back to the starting position and repeat for 10 reps and 3 sets.

For more details watch the video:

2-Chair dips exercise:

An exercise that helps get rid of flabby arms by strengthening the triceps muscle.

A- Sit on the edge of the chair, then stretch your legs forward and space them so that they are thigh-width apart.

B- Press the palm of your hand on the chair until you lift your body completely from it, then move your body forward to give yourself space to lower.

C- Slowly lower your body until your arm forms a 90-degree angle.

D- Push yourself up again until your arms are completely straight.

E- Make sure that you control your body weight at all stages of the exercise and perform the exercise slowly to get the best result.

F- Repeat for 10 reps and 3 sets.

More details in the video:

3-push up:

Push-ups are one of the best exercises for slimming and strengthening the arms; It is also a simple exercise and you can do it anywhere.

A- From a seated position, place your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width.

B- Keep your entire body straight starting with your leg and back by tightening your abdominal and chest muscles well.

C- Slowly lower your body until your arm forms a 90-degree angle, and be sure to control your body weight, and keep your back straight.

D- Exhale and slowly push your body upward until you reach the starting point again.

E- At first, repeat these movements as much as you can, three or five in three sets, Until you can do it for 10 reps and 3 sets after a while.

Watch the video:

4-Diamond push-up exercise:

This exercise is more effective than the traditional push-up exercise, as it is very effective in treating flabby arms and giving them a great appearance.

A- To do this exercise, prepare your body just like the traditional push-up, but make the distance between your palms close to about 10 cm.

B- Slowly lower your body until the distance between your chest and the ground is approximately 10 cm.

C- Push your body up again.

D- Repeat the exercise for 10 reps and 3 sets.

More detail in the video:

5- Dumbbell Hammer Curl exercise:

A wonderful exercise that strengthens the biceps muscles, which contributes to the relief of the arms and improves their appearance.

You can use two bottles of water instead of dumbbells.

A- Start standing straight with your feet hip-width apart, keeping your abdominal and chest muscles tight.

B- Keep your arms relaxed at the sides of your shoulder while holding the weights with your palms pointing to the sides.

C- Lift the weight upwards, keeping your elbows touching your body.

D- Lower the weights back to the starting position and repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

Watch the video:

6- lateral dumbbell raises:

This movement strengthens the lateral shoulder muscles, which in turn helps in tightening the flabby arms and strengthening the entire arm.

You can use two bottles of water instead of dumbbells.

A- Stand straight and hold the weights, with feet shoulder-width apart.

B- Slowly and under control, lift the weight up and to the side until your arms are at shoulder level; keep arms straight.

C- Lower the weight and repeat for 10 reps and 3 sets.

For better details watch the video:

7- Plank sidewalk:

An advanced exercise that requires physical fitness, but it is one of the best exercises for tightening the sagging of the arms and gives a great result.

Watch the video for better details:



Wednesday, April 6, 2022




Physical activity and proper nutrition are among the most important and necessary factors for building muscles.

It is not possible to build muscles through exercises only, because the increase in muscle mass will stop without proper nutrition, and as we know, the body relies on fat to provide muscles with energy during some types of physical activity, and it is recommended to focus on healthy fats to maintain overall health and muscles strength.

But burning fats and building muscles are contradictory physiological processes, due to the body's resistance to doing both at the same time.

in other meaning; losing fats require that the amount of calories lost is greater than the amount gained, and building muscles only work if the amount of calories in is greater than the amount lost.

So can you build muscles and burn fats at the same time?

Building muscles while burning fats is not an easy goal to achieve, but reality has proven that it is achievable, but this depends entirely on your weight and physical fitness.

1- If you are a professional and at an advanced level and your goal is to gain a large amount of muscle while losing a large amount of fat at the same time, this contradicts the physiological nature of the body, but you will go through two stages: bulking phase and the cutting phase.

Each phase needs its own diet, as the bulking phase lasts for several months, and may reach several years, and you need a diet high in calories and rich in protein to build muscles.

The cutting phase, it aims to preserve the muscle mass that was built in the previous phase while reducing the largest possible amount of fats.

2- If you are a beginner or at an intermediate level and want to balance the percentage of fats with muscles in your body, the matter is somewhat easier.

How to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

If you are trying to gain muscles while losing fats, you are rebuilding your body, in this situation, you are not aiming to lose the general weight of the body, but rather you want to increase the percentage of muscles and reduce the percentage of fats.

To know how?; you should understand two things:

1-What does body recompose mean?

In body composition, we will focus on the percentage of fats and muscles, because that is what matters to us.

In light of this, the best analysis of the body is to measure the percentage of fats and muscles in the body, rather than dealing on the basis of the general weight of the body.

That's because your body fats to muscles ratio better reflects the state of your body's health.

So Reconstruction of the body depends on burning fats and building muscles to improve balance in proportions (for the benefit of muscles, of course) rather than general weight loss.

In order to succeed in the process of gaining muscles and losing fats, your first and last focus should be on losing fats only and not losing weight.

There are many people whose only focus is always on the scale at the end of the week without taking into account other factors such as  fats to muscles percentage.

It is possible for the bodyweight to be stable, but there is a change in terms of the percentage of fats in general due to the gain of muscle mass, so you should make your first goal to lose fats and not just lose weight.

So keep in mind that building muscles and burning fats at the same time will not be accompanied by rapid weight loss because you compensate for this fats loss with muscles gain.

Example: Instead of losing 10 kilos, you will find that you only lose 5 kilos, but you have gained muscle and this is what you want.

2-Rebuilding the body is a lifestyle, not a diet:

It means we are not talking about a diet to lose weight.

This requires us to follow a special diet and special exercises that facilitate the process of reshaping the components of your body( Fats to muscles percentages).

How to burn excess fat:

When it comes to burning fat there is an easy way to consume and it is fewer calories than you lose or burn, then the body enters a calorie deficit phase, accordingly, it begins to break down fats and muscles due to energy requirements.

Here comes your diet and training method to make your body draw energy from burning fat only.

A-The right diet  to burn fats while building muscles:

healthy food for build muscles and burn fats

Rely on foods that are low in calories that will help you fill your stomach without putting in more calories than necessary, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.


-100 grams of cooked or boiled broccoli contains 35 calories, equivalent to 2% of the body's daily requirement.

- 100 grams of French bread are 289 calories.

1- Eat a protein-rich diet:

A study (1) of 88 overweight adults found that a diet containing 0.64 grams of protein per pound (1.4 g/kg) of body weight was more effective at maintaining muscle mass and reducing body fat than dieting Dietary provides 0.36 grams per pound (0.8 g)/kg) of protein.

Protein is the most important element for building muscle mass, along with the rest of the important elements as well, such as carbohydrates and healthy fats. During periods of fat loss, you should always try to maintain a relatively high percentage of protein, which will help you greatly to gain muscle mass and prevent muscle demolition that you may be exposed to during Fat loss.

Quoting a study (2) conducted by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, it was found that a diet rich in protein positively affects the number of calories you burn throughout the day.

The reason is due to an increase in the amount of calories burned through the process of digestion itself, absorption, and distribution of nutrients referred to as the thermic effect of food.

2- Reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed:

Carbohydrates are one of the biggest causes of weight gain.

By reducing carbohydrate consumption as much as possible, the body will be urged to destroy excess fat stores in the body.

consume it two hours before exercise and immediately after, for example.

1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight or only 1 gram if you are obese on days when you do a lot of physical activity, whether by exercise or daily tasks.

On moderate days, reduce this amount to “1 or .75” grams per pound.

3- Eat healthy fats:

Of course, not all fats have the same effect. Harmful fats can increase the risk of weight gain and chronic disease.

Healthy fats play an essential role in maintaining optimal cell structure and hormone levels, and each type is important to support muscle building, it also helps you feel full.

Here are some foods that contain healthy fats:

Fish rich in fat, eggs, avocado, olive oil, olive, Nuts (particularly walnuts), Flax, Chia and Hemp seeds, Dark chocolate, Coconut Oil, and MCT Oil, Parmesan cheese.

Try to consume approximately 0.5 grams of healthy fats per pound of body weight each day.

Be sure to include a variety of sources to reap the many benefits that different types of fats (omega-3s and 6s, and monounsaturated fats) provide.

B-The right exercises to build muscles and burn fats:


To stimulate the building of muscle mass while increasing fat burning, you must apply a combination of strength exercises and cardio exercises, taking into account the following strategies; to get the best results:

1- repetitions and heavyweights:

If you want to increase muscle growth, you must resort to heavyweights and increase the intensity of exercise.

“This means that you lift weights equivalent to 80% of the maximum weight you can carry with a frequency of 5 to 6 repetitions.”

This strategy is proven, the researchers point to two main reasons for the superiority of heavier weights over light ones in building muscle as follows:

* Higher of pressure is placed on the muscles, resulting in greater amounts of metabolic stress.

* Urging a greater number of muscle fibers to work to resist the weight, causing greater damage to the fibers, and thus a better result appears after recovering these fibers again.

2- Exercise repetition:

Leave at least 48 to 72 hours between strength training sessions for each muscle group you train, in order for the muscles to recover and build new tissues.

3- Rest between exercises:

 The best amount of rest time between rounds depends on what you're training for.

One of the main factors in how muscle grows and amplifies is the amount of anabolic hormones your body produces after exercise.

Short rest periods of one to two minutes cause an increase in the secretion of more of these hormones than long periods of rest. 

Short rest periods also increase lactate production and blood flow to target muscles. It turns out that increasing blood flow to the muscles helps the protein get there faster, which means more muscles.

4-The best cardio exercises to build muscles and burn fats at the same time:

You can burn fat without resorting to cardio exercises, but if you want to get rid of fat more quickly, you can benefit from cardio exercises provided you employ them in a way that suits your goals.

So HIIT is the best cardio exercise regimen.

What is HITT and why is it considered the best cardio exercise program?

By definition, high-intensity interval training is a type of interval training in which aerobic exercise or activities are performed for short periods of time followed by shorter recovery periods.

The HIITCardio style outperforms others by:

*Increasing the metabolic rate up to 24 hours after exercise, in other words, the burning of oxygen in the muscle remains for longer periods, which results in burning excess fat.

* Improve muscle insulin sensitivity.

* Higher levels of muscle fat oxidation.

* Increase in levels of growth hormone (which aids in fat loss) and levels of catecholamine.

* Appetite suppression after exercise.

5-Sleep well helps to build muscles and burns fats at the same time:

To lose excess weight efficiently, your body needs adequate rest. And if you don't get enough sleep, your hormones may not work properly and your cortisol levels will rise, this increases the chance of carbohydrates being stored as fat, in addition, your fatigue will make you unable to exercise, especially hard exercises, and therefore you will not build enough muscles and over time you will lose more muscles than what you gain, try to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022


 4 exercises to get rid of back pain


4 exercises to get rid of back pain

Complaining about back pain is very common and back pain is the most common reason for seeking medical treatment and absenteeism from work.

Many people suffer from back pain resulting from several reasons, including hard work all day, sudden injuries, or sitting to work for long periods.

It is necessary to discover ways to relieve back pain, to help you live your life normally. In this regard, daily physical activity is one of the best ways to manage and prevent pain, even if you feel some discomfort at first, the result is worth persevering, because movement helps prevent stiffness, maintains muscle strength, and helps in the healing process.


The German "Healthy Back movement " offers a set of simple exercises to get rid of back pain.

1- plank exercise:


When performing a plank, the back, buttocks, thighs, and neck form a straight line.

Lie on the stomach and extend the feet at the width of the waist, then lean on the tips of the toes and forearms, which are spread shoulder-width apart.


2- push up exercise:

push up

Push-ups are a traditional fitness exercise that works to strengthen the muscles of the entire body.

*In this exercise gets on the floor on all fours, positioning your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Don't lock out the elbows; keep them slightly bent. Extend your legs back so you are balanced on your hands and toes, your feet hip-width apart.

* Inhale as you slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself to the floor, until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.

* Exhale while contracting your chest muscles and pushing back up through your hands, returning to the start position.

Beginners can lean on the knees instead of the tips of the toes when doing the pushup.


3- leg extension exercise:

Leg extension exercise

Leg extension exercise helps to stretch the posterior thigh muscles, these muscles often cause pain in the lower back.

* When performing this exercise, you should lie on your back.

* Hold your thigh with your hands.

* Pull the thigh toward the upper body while keeping the leg straight.

* And when you want to intensify the stretching exercises, the toes can be pulled slightly towards the thigh.

4- vein therapy exercise:

vein therapy exercise

You can stimulate blood circulation by performing a vein therapy exercise.

This exercise is performed by standing on the tips of the toes, turning back on the heel, and raising the toes, then standing on the tips of the toes again, repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times at a calm and steady pace.



Thursday, October 21, 2021

what exercises burn the most fat?


It's no secret that exercise offers a myriad of health benefits. But depending on your goals and fitness level, the type and duration of exercise you need to achieve these goals can differ vary greatly.

Searching for the most effective way to get fat burn, burn calories, lose weight while maintaining muscle, increase muscle, increase fitness, strengthen cardio, and much more than just that, then look no further than the HIIT.

HIIT workout

The best HIIT workout to lose weight:

-Battle ropes.


-Assault bike.

-Jump rope.


-Ball slams.



What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

 By definition, high-intensity interval training is a type of interval training in which aerobic exercise or activities are performed for short periods of time followed by shorter recovery periods.

The benefits of HIIT:

Here are six reasons why you should practice high-intensity interval training (HIIT):

HIIT workout

1-It gives you the most bang for your buck in terms of getting more done in less time.

When compared to steady-state workout cardio, HIIT burns more calories during and after a workout.

10-12 minutes of real HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which is work intervals where you put out your best effort; has the ability to burn far more calories than a complete 40-minute steady-state cardio exercise.


2-Burns fat faster than any other type of exercises.

Because of the influence, HIIT has on your metabolism, you can burn fat for up to 24 hours after you finish your workout.


3-improves body symmetry and aesthetics.

By engaging in high-intensity functional exercises, you can improve your body composition by melting fat; it also targets muscles that typical weight training may miss.

This leads to stronger muscle tissue, better symmetry, and a healthier, more appealing, aesthetic physique.


4-There will never be a dull moment.

People frequently complain about reaching fitness plateaus, losing motivation, or becoming bored from their routines, which is, of course, what will happen if you keep doing the same thing.

HIIT is difficult, but exciting, and never boring.


5-Improve mental fortitude and self-discipline.

with HIIT you are forced to push yourself much beyond your comfort zone; it is hard.


 6-You'll feel fantastic right away.

Intense exercise triggers the release of mood-enhancing endorphins in the brain.

This improves focus, mental sharpness, and alertness, and overall puts you in a more positive state of mind.







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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Why Is Planking So Good For You


Plank Exercise Benefits

benefits of planks

Do you want to have a great body, especially in the abdomen and shoulders area?

You didn't find a solution to make a daily plan to exercise and you don't have enough time for it.

Are you ready to devote 10 min of your day to get a great body and fitness?

So don't go away!

In this article, we will talk about the plank exercise, which is a simple exercise that you can do at home even without gym equipment.

What is the plank exercise?

the plank exercise is strength training and one of the most effective core exercises that helps you build stability and strength the entire body, especially the abdominals, the back, and some of the shoulder muscles.

Does plank exercise burns many calories?

We will not lie to you and say that you will burn a lot of calories just by practicing plank daily only, no that is not right.

The main role of the plank exercise is to strengthen several muscles at the same time, which activates the upper and lower parts of the body, and promotes the process of losing fat in a more coordinated manner. It also promotes straightening the spine and helps avoid back pain

and have strong body muscles, especially abdominal and shoulders muscles.

But for losing weight plank can be added to another exercise that is more burning, such as brisk walking or running, and with a healthy balanced diet, drink sufficientamounts of water, and sleep for sufficient hours.

How much does a plank exercise burn?

The amount of burning depends on several factors, the most important of which are weight, metabolic rate, and the ratio of muscle to fat.

This is a table showing the number of calories burned per weight when performing a 1-minute plank exercise.

calories burned by plank

How to do plank in the right way?

Watch this short video to know the right way to practice plank to get the best result.

The benefits of the plank:

1- Planks strengthen the entire body:

So, what makes planks effective

Well, planks work your entire body.

Planks require all the muscles in your abs, arms, and legs, which makes it an exercise that includes almost all muscles in your body, so it's the most effective way to work out.

2- Planks will improve your posture:

plank can help relieve back pain by strengthening your back, chest, shoulders, neck and stomach, and gives you equal strength for your core muscles.

If you are one of those who sit for long periods in front of the office, planks are a very suitable exercise for you.

3- Plank helps to increase your flexibility:

It is a great way to stretch the lower half of your body.

You can extend your sides by doing an extended arm side plank exercise.

4- Metabolism Boost:

Plank exercises will ensure that your metabolic rate remains high throughout the day and  this is good for someone who spends most of his day sitting in front of the computer.

Burn more energy than other abdominal exercises even when you're at rest, because planks target the largest muscles in the body.

5- Planks enhance your balance:

Carrying the weight of your entire body on your toes and arms for a certain period of time without falling, this of course improves your ability to balance. 

Improving your balance gives you the ability to walk in a way that reduces the possibility of injury, even in rough terrain.

If you suffer physically a little bit  another option is to place your hands on a bed or chair to raise your upper body, try to makes your torso straighter; which makes the plank easier.


The bottom line:

Try to add plank exercises to your daily activity routine to get a strong, balanced and flexible body.

And if you don't have enough time to exercise, planks give you the advantage of shortening the time for exercise.

Don't miss the opportunity for yourself

 / /



Saturday, July 31, 2021




Are you still looking for effective exercises for the lower body,  to strengthen the thighs and buttocks, the main places where fat is stored.

Not anymore, this exercise that we will talk about helps you build the lower half of your body and prevent the accumulation of fat in the buttock area; “ it's squat”.

What is the squat? What are the benefits of squatting? How do you do squat? Does squatting make you lose weight? Let’s find out the benefits of this movement.



The squat is a bodybuilding movement that relies on the knee and foot joints and is ideal for strengthening the entire lower body.

The main muscles involved in its execution are the quadriceps, glutes, and adductors, as well as the lumbar and abdominals muscles.



The benefits of squatting are many, so you will have to include it in your sports routine, especially for women, because of the beauty it gives to the appearance of their bodies.

1) One of the best and fastest exercises that work to tighten the buttocks and abdominal muscles.

2) Helps to harmonize the shape of the body, and get a tight and attractive body.

3) It is one of the most important exercises in getting rid of cellulite, and white stretches in the skin.


Cellulite is an aesthetic problem for the skin, not a healthy one and it is a condition in which the skin is lumpy, usually affecting the buttocks and thighs.

4) It works to tighten the skin in the thighs area.

5) It stimulates the body to burn more calories.

6) Reduces the risk of serious injury to the lower body.

7) Improving physical abilities by gaining more strength, squatting can help you run faster and jump higher.

8) Squatting keeps bones strong.



To avoid injuries, you must follow the instructions and advice to reach the best possible results

*Stand with your head forward and chest raised.

*Open your feet shoulder-width apart, or a little wider.

*Keep your hands straight in front of you to help maintain balance.

*Bend your knees and start in a sitting position, keeping your head forward, and your upper body slightly forward.

*Lower down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, your knees are above your ankles, and don't go beyond your feet, and press your weight into your heels.

* Go back up by pushing hard on your legs to return to the initial position.

* Take a deep breath just before the descent and then breathe out during the ascent.

*Do three sets of 10 repetitions if you are a beginner.



some People who squat with the wrong method may hurt their knees.

Squatting with holding weights may increase the risk of injury of the knees or lower back when a person does not perform the exercise correctly; anyone performing with weights for the first time should follow a trainer.


The primary role of squatting is not weight loss; it is to strengthen the lower part of the body.

Certainly, the repetition of the squatting movement stimulates the burning of calories and prevents the storage of fat in the thighs and buttocks, but it remains insufficient to achieve satisfactory results, especially for those who suffer from a large increase in weight; but to reach a good and sure result, you must also stick it to a diet adapted to lose weight and add cardio exercises to burn enough more calories.




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