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Studies indicate that the human being thinks about 60,000 thoughts daily, some of them are positive thoughts and others are negative thoughts that bother him if they circulate in his mind for a long time.

Negative thinking represents a major obstacle to the success of those who give in to it, a negative view of things puts you in a vicious circle of frustration, depression, and lack of resolve.

Getting rid of negative thoughts is one of the most important steps that lead you to a healthy and stable life, therefore, you have to be determined, optimistic, and show the strength within you, so that you can get rid of negative thoughts easily and without trouble or misery.

Author Gerald Sinclair says that when we think negatively, we are setting ourselves up for failure, and the more we train our minds to think positively, the results were better.

Disadvantages of negative thinking:

Negative thinking has much damage to physical and mental health, and in order to enjoy a happy and comfortable life, it must be eliminated.

Here are some of the harms of negative thinking:

get rid of negative thoughts

1- Anxiety:

Negative thoughts spread anxiety within the person, which prevents him from performing his daily activities normally.

2- Depression:

Negative thoughts play a key role in a person's exposure to depression, and things may develop into a chronic depression

Therefore, a person should not overlook the matter and seek the help of a psychiatrist to overcome all the negative aspects of his life.

3- Obesity:

When negative thoughts control us, this stimulates our bodies to release the stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for increasing appetite, and this prompts us to eat more foods and thus gain weight.

4- laziness:

Negative thoughts deplete the body's energy in a very large way, which leads to feeling lazy and thus failing to perform his tasks and duties properly.

5- sleep disturbance:

Negative thoughts rob a person of his psychological comfort and thus deprive him of a good and deep sleep, which makes him feel tired all the time.

6- social isolation:

A patient with social isolation avoids people, often willingly, as a result of frustrations or strong psychological influences that push him to abandon people. It is a chronic disease that leads to death.

Therefore, be careful, as negative thoughts may lead you to this dangerous psychological illness.

Can negative thinking become a habit?

Of course, negative thinking can become a habit without the person feeling, by exaggerating the anxiety and drawing the many negative scenarios for each situation or problem that occurs in life, which puts him under constant nervous pressure.

How to get rid of negative thoughts:

Negative thoughts are part of our life, but we should not let them dominate our thinking and disturb our moods. We spend too much time thinking negatively about our lives and our future, which makes it all the more important to rid ourselves of this negativity.

Here are 14 ways to help you get rid of negative thoughts:

1. Be kind to yourself:

Sometimes we forget how important it is to be kind to ourselves just as we treat others. Do not allow your mind to be harsh with you. If you are unable to be cruel to others, why are you so hard on yourself?

Cruelty to yourself put more pressure on you.

2. Find the source of negative thoughts:

Identify the source of the negative thoughts and try to tackle the issue at its root. Do not allow anyone to be the source of these thoughts, and if someone influences the way you think about a particular topic, be sure to re-evaluate the matter yourself.

3. Talk to someone who cares about you:

Talking to people who care about you is very important

In the event that you are upset about something, do not skimp on yourself by exchanging conversations and ideas and asking for advice from those who care about you, because those who love you will give you advice and help you overcome the difficult situations you face in life.

4. Get rid of people who make you feel bad about yourself:

You need to remove the negativity from your life, you should not be surrounded by people who want to see you fail.

5. Find another outlet to express your pain:

Having a hobby can help us express more than we think, so find a hobby that you want to do so that you can express yourself. It is easier than you think and will be very beneficial for you and increase your self-confidence.

6. Relax when you feel the need to:

Taking care of yourself is very importantavoid overworking, and if you want to take a break, just ask your boss, and remember that your mental and Psychological health is more important than anything else.

7. Write your negative thoughts on a piece of paper and tear it up:

It's a good idea to realize your negative thoughts and take the time to write them down on a piece of paper, then tear them up and throw those thoughts in the trash, you're really doing your best and that's what matters.

8. Talk to yourself positively:

Always address yourself in a positive way, even in times of failure, as this will help you develop a positive view of yourself as the days go by.

9. Change your body language:

Watch your behavior and try to improve it for the better, such as standing actively and always smiling. These details will change your way of thinking for the better with time.

10. Try meditation and relaxation:

With just a few minutes of relaxation a day, you will get rid of worrying thoughts and give you a feeling of peace.

11. Take care of your body:

Feeling better is a change worth striving for, so try to choose healthy food and make a time to exercise and sleep well.

12. Do not allow others to cross their limit towards you:

It is necessary to treat any matter that bothers you immediately, including not allowing others to infringe on your dignity, and not overstep their limits because you are the only one in control of your destiny, and no one but you.

13. Learn to say "no":

Learn not to accept things you shouldn't do, as bad things or things you can't do, there are limits to your energy and you shouldn't cross them just to please others.

14. Enjoy something that puts you in a good mood:

Resorting to things that make your mood relaxed and happy is a wonderful thing, such as reading novels or a book or watching a movie or other things that you love.

Sources: (1) - (2) -  Reporting by the author Gerald Sinclair on the "Awarenessact" site.




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