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 BE Careful, Smoking While Breastfeeding Is Harmful To Your Baby


Smoking is one of the worst habits that we practice because of its dangerous impact on the general health of the body.

Smoking negatively affects not only the person himself but also those around him; imagine that the smoker is a breastfeeding mother, what will be the effect of smoking on her and the baby?

In order to preserve children and their healthy growth without diseases and health risks that reach the limit of disabilities in certain cases, we must know the extent of the danger resulting from this bad habit and try to stay away from it.

1-Effects of smoking on the health of a nursing mother:

*Smoking negatively affects the amount of milk that the mother produces, so she produces much less milk, and this is due to the negative effect of smoking on the amount of the hormone prolactin.

*Smoking mainly affects the vessels and their narrowing and also the milk ducts, as it does not give the opportunity to pass all the milk to the baby.

*Smoking affects the psychological state of the nursing mother, making her feel nervous all the time and not being able to bear the burdens of motherhood, which affects her child negatively.

*Smoking may cause premature birth, which may be dangerous to the life of the mother and the fetus.

*Smoking causes convulsions for the mother and fetus, which poses a threat to their lives.

*Smoking exposes a woman during childbirth to bleeding and other complications.

2-Effects of smoking on the infant:

effects of smoking on the health of babe

*The German magazine "Baby & Family" warned of the dangers of smoking during the breastfeeding stage; from severe damage to the mother and child.

The magazine pointed out that nicotine and many other harmful substances found in cigarette smoke may reach breast milk, and then into the infant's body.

It added that nicotine may also reach the milk of non-smoking mothers if they live with smokers.

*The aversion of the infant from breastfeeding is one of the most important and most dangerous effects of smoking on the child, in addition to the fact that smoking affects the child with tension, vomiting, and continuous pain in the abdominal area.

*The occurrence of disturbances in the sleep of the child, his feeling of insomnia, and his inability to fall asleep easily.

*The effect on the infant’s nutrition is due to the lack of milk production from the mother’s breast, and thus affects the growth of the child. There is an inverse relationship between smoking and the amount of milk, as the production of milk decreases the more the mother smokes.

*An infant was exposed to approximately 7 micrograms of nicotine per kilogram of body weight.

*The possibility of an infant becoming addicted to nicotine poisoning. The symptoms of nicotine addiction in infants are irritability and head pain. The symptoms of nicotine poisoning are vomiting after eating, graying of the skin, diarrhea, and an increased heart rate.

*It can increase your risk of sudden death syndrome.

The bottom line:

You must take care of your health and the health of your child, as smoking is one of the most harmful things to your child's life.

Can you stand being the cause of your baby's suffering for the rest of his life, think about it well, and be sure that it is worth it and that your happiness is from the happiness of your babe.


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