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3 signs of a slow burning rate..... the solution

 How do I know that my burning rate is slow?

signs of a slow burning rate.

If you have these signs that we will talk about it later, know that your burning rate is slow.

Let us first discuss the meaning of slow-burning and explain it scientifically

Its scientific name is Metabolic Adaptation.

It means that the burning in your body has adapted to the dieting 

In other words, your body has adapted to receive a lack of food.

This is what causes the slow-burning.

Metabolic adaptation: is a collection of responses our body utilizes as a survival mechanism in response to weight loss efforts. 

We often think that calories in versus calories out are the only weight loss success predictor. However, another factor is metabolic adaptation in response to one's previous dieting history.

Some people may notice a slower burning compared to a previous period, all this is due to changes in your diet (the diets you used to follow), so the body already has adapted to the previous data.

Metabolic Adaptation signs:

There are three signs that let you know that your burning rate is slow

3 signs of a slow burning rate

1- The first sign is:

When you follow crash diets for long periods of time.

know that you will have Metabolic Adaptation at some point.

Let's know what is a crash diet?

It is a diet intended to help a person lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time typically by reducing the amount of food consumed to minimal levels.

in this type of diet, your body does not understand what the hell you are doing.

Eating constantly, but this food does not provide the required nutritional value for the body; It is not a healthy balanced diet.

In this case, the body adapts to the small amounts of food at some point, and as a result of that, the rate of burning decreases automatically.


2- The second sign is:

When you want to reduce the calories you eat in an attempt to lose weight, but no weight loss occurs.

know that you already have a Metabolic Adaptation.

Because your body already has adapted to the diets and small amounts of food that you previously applied to it.

Thus, your body has adapted to the slow-burning.


3- The third sign is:

If you try to fast, you will notice weight loss in your body after a while; even if you're eating the same calories that you tried on previous diets and they didn't work with you.

know you've been suffering from Metabolic Adaptation.

Because scientifically, there is nothing proven that treats metabolic adaptation except two things, fasting, and exercise. (1)


Fasting and exercise (resistance exercises)   are the only two things that are scientifically proven to increase the rate of burning in the body.

They raise norepinephrine hormone to high levels, allowing the body to restore high burning rates again.

(resistance exercises) : It increases muscle mass and improves insulin sensitivity.


The solution for increasing the rate of burning speed in the body:

*If you suffer from a problem of metabolic adaptation

As we said before, the only two things that can restore and increase the rate of burning the body again are fasting and resistance exercises.

*But if you want to get rid of this problem, you have to resort to these two solutions for the purpose of treating the body; and after that, you can think about losing weight.

* Also know that the results will not be quick so you have to deal with it patiently.


Tips during treatment:

-know that the treatment will not be quick, depending on the damage that your body had.

So do not be in a hurry to reach your goal.

- Always motivate yourself and remember that one day you will lose weight when you apply a healthy diet.

-Remind yourself that if you don't treat yourself from this problem, you will never lose weight.

- Be happy and motivated because you have finally found a solution to your problem, and you will become like other people you know who eat more calories than you, but their weights are good and do not increase, and this is all because their burning rate is fast.




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