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Why Is Planking So Good For You


Plank Exercise Benefits

benefits of planks

Do you want to have a great body, especially in the abdomen and shoulders area?

You didn't find a solution to make a daily plan to exercise and you don't have enough time for it.

Are you ready to devote 10 min of your day to get a great body and fitness?

So don't go away!

In this article, we will talk about the plank exercise, which is a simple exercise that you can do at home even without gym equipment.

What is the plank exercise?

the plank exercise is strength training and one of the most effective core exercises that helps you build stability and strength the entire body, especially the abdominals, the back, and some of the shoulder muscles.

Does plank exercise burns many calories?

We will not lie to you and say that you will burn a lot of calories just by practicing plank daily only, no that is not right.

The main role of the plank exercise is to strengthen several muscles at the same time, which activates the upper and lower parts of the body, and promotes the process of losing fat in a more coordinated manner. It also promotes straightening the spine and helps avoid back pain

and have strong body muscles, especially abdominal and shoulders muscles.

But for losing weight plank can be added to another exercise that is more burning, such as brisk walking or running, and with a healthy balanced diet, drink sufficientamounts of water, and sleep for sufficient hours.

How much does a plank exercise burn?

The amount of burning depends on several factors, the most important of which are weight, metabolic rate, and the ratio of muscle to fat.

This is a table showing the number of calories burned per weight when performing a 1-minute plank exercise.

calories burned by plank

How to do plank in the right way?

Watch this short video to know the right way to practice plank to get the best result.

The benefits of the plank:

1- Planks strengthen the entire body:

So, what makes planks effective

Well, planks work your entire body.

Planks require all the muscles in your abs, arms, and legs, which makes it an exercise that includes almost all muscles in your body, so it's the most effective way to work out.

2- Planks will improve your posture:

plank can help relieve back pain by strengthening your back, chest, shoulders, neck and stomach, and gives you equal strength for your core muscles.

If you are one of those who sit for long periods in front of the office, planks are a very suitable exercise for you.

3- Plank helps to increase your flexibility:

It is a great way to stretch the lower half of your body.

You can extend your sides by doing an extended arm side plank exercise.

4- Metabolism Boost:

Plank exercises will ensure that your metabolic rate remains high throughout the day and  this is good for someone who spends most of his day sitting in front of the computer.

Burn more energy than other abdominal exercises even when you're at rest, because planks target the largest muscles in the body.

5- Planks enhance your balance:

Carrying the weight of your entire body on your toes and arms for a certain period of time without falling, this of course improves your ability to balance. 

Improving your balance gives you the ability to walk in a way that reduces the possibility of injury, even in rough terrain.

If you suffer physically a little bit  another option is to place your hands on a bed or chair to raise your upper body, try to makes your torso straighter; which makes the plank easier.


The bottom line:

Try to add plank exercises to your daily activity routine to get a strong, balanced and flexible body.

And if you don't have enough time to exercise, planks give you the advantage of shortening the time for exercise.

Don't miss the opportunity for yourself

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