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Help your skin with vitamin C


The importance of vitamin C for the skin

The human body needs a wide variety of nutrients to maintain healthy skin, Vitamin C is one of the most important of these nutrients.

Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients to add to every woman's skincare routine, due to the very effective and proven results that it leaves on the skin, and the beneficial properties that it possesses, which give women an ideal healthy skin.

vitamin c


Benefits of Vitamin C for the skin:

1- Skin Lightening:

Vitamin C helps to lighten the skin tone, get rid of dull color and increase the freshness of the skin due to its antioxidants.

It also helps get rid of dead skin cells, which helps lighten skin tone.


2-It helps in the formation of collagen:

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that help in the formation of collagen in the body, which benefits the skin distinctly, prevents skin problems, and restores its freshness.

What is collagen?

Collagen is an important type of protein that is involved in the formation of various body tissues, It is the most abundant protein in the body, making up 30% of the entire body and 75% of the skin.

The body's ability to produce collagen decreases by 1.5% annually after the age of twenty-five, and this weakens the connective tissues responsible for holding the skin together.

3- Wrinkle Protection:

Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, which in turn helps protect against wrinkles and early signs of aging.

Vitamin C is considered a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radicals from attacking skin cells, which helps prevent early signs of aging.


4-Wound healing:

Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps relieve the pain caused by cuts and burns on the skin.


5-sun protection factor:

It is considered a good protector for the skin and helps reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays when exposed to sunlight.

Helps treat redness, burns, and itching caused by exposure to sunlight for a short time.


6-Dark circles treatment:

Helps to unify skin tone and is important to get rid of dark circles that affect the area under the eyes and dark spots that affect the skin.


7-Skin Moisturizing:

Vitamin C helps to retain water inside the skin and moisturize it, which helps to prevent dryness of the skin, and it also helps to renew skin cells and get rid of dead cells caused by dry skin.

How do we get vitamin C?


Eating a balanced diet is an effective way to include essential nutrients in your lifestyle, so it is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamin C.

We can find this vitamin in:

1.    Black Currant — 1 cup: 203 milligrams.

2.    Red Pepper — 1 cup: 190 milligrams.

3.    Kiwifruit — 1 cup: 164 milligrams.

4.    Guava — 1 fruit: 126 milligrams.

5.    Green Bell Pepper — 1 cup: 120 milligrams.

6.    Orange — 1 large: 98 milligrams.

7.    Strawberries — 1 cup: 89 milligrams.

8.    Papaya — 1 cup: 87 milligrams.

9.    Broccoli — 1 cup, raw: 81 milligrams.

10.  Kale — 1 cup, raw: 80 milligrams.

11.  Parsley — 1 cup: 80 milligrams.

12.  Pineapple — 1 cup: 79 milligrams.

13.  Brussels Sprouts — 1/2 cup, cooked: 48 milligrams.

14.  Cauliflower — 1 cup, raw: 46 milligrams.

15.  Mango — 1 cup: 46 milligrams.

16.  Lemon — 1 fruit: 45 milligrams.

17.  Grapefruit — 1/2 fruit: 38 milligrams.

18.  Honeydew — 1 cup: 32 milligrams.

19.  Peas — 1 cup, cooked: 23 milligrams.

20.  Tomatoes — 1 cup, raw: 23 milligrams.


Taking vitamin C from natural foods remains the best option, and this is the opinion of the experts, but if you have to take it in the form of supplements, you should visit your doctor first.



Choosing a serum that contains vitamin C as one of its ingredients can have tremendous moisturizing effects on your skin.

Always choose high-quality and reliable products.



Your skincare routine should definitely include moisturizers; look for moisturizers with vitamin C in their formula to deeply nourish your skin.

You also have to choose a product of high quality and credibility.







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