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How does sport affect children?

 The importance of sports in children's lives

children and sport


We all know the importance of sports in our daily lives, but what is its importance in the lives of our children? and how much influence does it have on changing the course of their lives for the better way?

All children love to play and have fun; this can be a reason for the regularity and improvement of their lives dramatically.

But if we know the importance of sports for the child, and how it promotes the development of the children’s body from all aspects physical, mental and psychological, certainly all parents will be interested in integrating sports in the lives of their children.


How does sport affect children's lives?

Caring for sports has now become a duty for every father and mother, especially because electronic games have become more controlling on children's mind and behavior.

So integrate the child in organized and team sports will enable him to develop his personality, occupy his time, and increase his physical activities and social skills.


Benefits of sport for the child:

children and sport

1-physical benefits:

-Scientific research indicates that doing sport exercise regularly reduces a child's risk of disease.

-Helps the child gain physical fitness, which reduces the rate of obesity.

-It builds healthy bones, muscles, and joints.

-Improving the work of vital functions in the body.

-It gives the body vitality and activity, which leads to increase the appetite for food and get healthy nutrition.


2- Mental benefits:

-Studies indicate that regular sports activities increase a child's ability to learn.

-Strengthens neurons in the brain and improves memory ability and brain efficiency.

-Increases focus through the child's thinking about how to play and reach to win.


3- Psychological benefits:

-It gives the child self-confidence, participation with others in a game and feeling how the importance of his role in achieving the victory for the team, gives the child great confidence in himself.

-It develops the leadership personality for the child, and this is when gaining the necessary confidence and good handling in situations of pressure during the competition.

-Make the child social and integrated into the surrounding environment.

-The child learns how to properly deal with others by playing with his peers and exchanging words and opinions.

-Learn how to be organized, follow the laws and respect the decisions of the rulers and this is reflected in his behavior at home with his parents.

-Develop the spirit of cooperation, participation, and teamwork, thus the spirit of selfishness will disappear.

-Earning many ethical behaviors, such as patience, honesty, justice, love, and cooperation, because the child is a blank page that accepts what will write on it, and it becomes an essential part of his life.


children and sport

In the end, dear reader, sports are an essential part of the formation of the child, so be a role model for your child and practice sports and make sure your child practices it in the correct manner.

Try to help him choose the right sport for him according to his physical and psychological qualifications, and not force him to do something he does not like.

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