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Jump rope is the fastest way to lose weight


rope for jumping


 You don't need much equipment or going to the club to lose weight... Try jump rope.

Jump rope is one of the most important types of exercises that have great effectiveness in reducing the weight of the person who exercises it.

This is because jump rope is the most common type of sport that burns calories more than jogging, cycling, or other sports.

Jump rope for ten minutes is equivalent to running about twelve kilometers.

The fact is, it is one of the most complete exercises you can do to maintain cardiovascular health.

How can a beginner start jump rope? 

1-Make sure that the length of your rope is the right length:

Holding a handle in each hand, insert one foot into the middle of the rope, and pull the handles up to your chest so that they are with each other. If the tops of the handles reach your armpit, your rope has the correct length.

the right lenght of jump rope

2-Choose the right surface:

Avoid super-hard surfaces like concrete, as this can be difficult on your joints, and, super-smooth surfaces, like grass and sand, are also not great because they don't provide enough pushing power.

Jumping on a sports mat will help reduce the impact on your joints.

You can also jump over wood or any type of gym flooring.

3-A suitable shoe for jumping:

Shock Absorbing Sports Shoe.

Specialists warn that not practicing this sport in the correct way will affect the knees, ankle, and hip, in return, applying it in the right ways will benefit the health.

Benefits of jump rope:

There are many benefits of the jump rope that will make you want to add it to your daily routine.

Jump rope helps in strengthening the entire body and may help you get an intense workout without having to leave your home, making it a great choice during periods of epidemic or bad weather.

Depending on your fitness goals, there are tons of different ways you can use your jump rope.

Some people, for example, jump rope at a brisk pace as a way to train for speed and agility, while others focus on jumping rope motions such as double moves.

In a medical study published by the Medical Health Association, it was found that those who practiced jump rope  daily for a period of 6 weeks noticed a significant improvement in the health of  heart and blood vessels, in addition, the risk of developing heart disease decreased.

According to what was reported by the American Insider magazine here are the most important scientific benefits of jump rope:

1-Slimming and burning a lot of calories:

Jump rope can burn between 200 to 300 calories in just 15 minutes, so its benefits are greater than running, biking, or even swimming.

2-motor coordination:

Jump rope requires high body coordination, especially when performing more skillful jumping movements such as moving the rope twice per jump.

When you reach this level, your body gets used to coordination, especially when you have to jump in time with the rotation of the wrists in order to create successive and continuous jumping movements.

a medical study found that jump rope helped improve motor coordination among autistic children, who often struggle with balance and coordination.

Another study found that pre-teen soccer players who jumped rope showed better motor skills than players who did not exercise it.

3-Reducing  of injuries:

Because of improving coordination resulted by jump rope, you will be less likely to be hurt, whether during exercise, in daily activities, or even during an accident.

Jump rope forces you to coordinate the movements of your upper and lower body so that make you more agile and greatly improve your awareness of your body, which makes you less likely to be injured.

4-Improves heart health:

Jump rope makes your heart pump blood; it's great for the cardiovascular system.

In a medical study conducted on the elderly, it was found that those who performed two daily sessions of jump rope for 12 weeks improved their rate of oxygen consumption.

In addition, jump rope is beneficial for people who are already at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, especially in adolescent girls who suffer from high blood pressure, as it also helps burn belly fat.

5-Strengthening the bones and increasing their density:

Jump rope exercises can help people increase their bone density, thus strengthening it, especially for those who suffer from osteoporosis due to mineral and calcium deficiencies.

Also, higher bone density will definitely reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis later in life, especially for girls and women.

Girls between 11 and 14 old who participate in jump rope weekly will have higher bone density than those who do not jump rope.

6-jump Rope improves  health and beauty of the skin:

Helps moisturize the skin, open the pores, and eliminate bacteria during sweating.

Stimulate blood circulation, which gives the skin good nourishment.

7-It increases stamina:

Have you ever wondered why athletes, especially boxers, regularly jump rope? Studies have shown that jump rope exercises improve coordination and balance between different parts of the body, and increase endurance and body strength.

How to jump rope to lose weight:

Correct jumping gives better results so Practice basic jumping first, it’s easy.

*Hold the rope with your hands at hip level, keeping your elbows slightly bent. Make sure the upper part of your arms is close to your sides, bring your shoulders back and down, and keep your chest forward.

*Jump (2.5 to 5 cm) off the ground, for leaving just enough to slide the rope under your feet, then drop into the combs of your feet.

*Keep your elbows close to your sides while winding the rope. The movement should come from your wrists and forearms, not your shoulders.

*Make your jumps small and steady.

*If you get tired, drop the rope, but keep moving your arms and legs.

*Watch videos to practice and benefit more.        

jump rope

Jumping table for beginners:

jump rope program for one month to help beginners practice this sport properly:

The number of jumps
Day 01
50 jump
Day 02
150  jump
Day 03
90  jump
Day 04
150  jump
Day 05
125  jump
Day 06/07
Day 08
165  jump
Day 09
150  jump
Day 10
200  jump
Day 11
150  jump
Day 12
235  jump
Day 13/14
Day 15
225  jump
Day 16
150  jump
Day 17
310  jump
Day 18
150  jump
Day 19
350  jump
Day 20/21
Day 22
385  jump
Day 23
150  jump
Day 24
425  jump
Day 25
150  jump
Day 26
465  jump
Day 27/28
Day 29
500  jump
Day 30
150  jump

sources: sport sites.




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