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8 natural ways to get rid of the abdomen' Stretch marks

 Treat stretch marks after childbirth naturally

8 natural ways to get rid of the abdomen' Stretch marks

Abdominal stretch marks are one of the negative effects of pregnancy and childbirth, where mothers are exposed to anxiety and stress as a result of this problem.

These marks usually appear in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy and continue until after birth.

Mothers often think after their recovery about how to get rid of these marks.

There are several ways to get rid of stretch marks, whether using lotion creams or laser operations, or natural methods at home.

Today we will tell you about 8 natural methods that will help you to get rid of the stretch marks also we will tell you about the excellent product if you want to buy.

Natural ways to get rid of stretch marks :

1- coconut oil:  

coconut oil

the fatty acids in coconut oil are easily absorbed by the skin, it is considered anti-inflammatory and is a good stimulator of collagen production that is very useful for the skin, moisturizes the skin, and prevents the signs of aging.

It reduces stretch marks quickly.

Rub an amount of Argan oil on the marks

Regular use once or twice per day helps to lighten the marks.

2- Olive oil:

Olive oil

Contains vitamins that help nourish the skin, which help maintain the youthfulness of oily skin, and it also contributes to the regeneration of skin cells.

It helps reduce the percentage of skin infections that may affect the skin.

Olive oil helps nourish the skin through the vitamins that are present in it, which works to repair skin cells and damage resulting from dehydration, and for this, be careful to use olive oil before sleeping.

Heat the olive oil a little and put it on the marks, leave it overnight, then wash it with warm water in the morning.

do this every night.

3- cocoa butter:

cocoa butter

Promote healthy skin

Moisturizing the skin and increasing its elasticity, because it contains high levels of fatty acids, which act as a shield that maintains the moisture of the skin. Promote blood flow to the skin, slow down skin aging and protect it from the sun's rays. 

Reducing and protecting against stretch marks after weight loss for both sexes, and during and after pregnancy for women.

It is preferable to use it after showering, once or twice per day.

4-argan oil :

argan oil

Argan oil contains vitamins A and E in addition to fatty acids that reduce skin inflammation and make it suppler.

It is a rare oil that contains a high percentage of fatty acids such as; Linoleic acid, which helps acne-prone skin reduces inflammation, increases skin hydration levels, and oleic acid can improve skin permeability and help other ingredients penetrate the skin more easily.

Put some drops of argan oil and wipe by your hand on the stretch marks once a day after showering.

 5- Lemon juice:


The natural acids that existing in lemon are able to get rid of stretch marks over time.

helps protect the skin and maintain its youth, and this is because it contains the best antioxidants, in addition to vitamin C, which helps promote healthy skin.

 Lemon is important for dry skin as it helps in the elasticity of the skin, preventing wrinkles and protecting against stretch marks.

Put pieces of cotton in the juice, then put it on the marks and remove it after 10min.

You will notice a difference with regular use.

6- Turmeric:


Contains curcumin, which is useful for treating skin problems.

Turmeric contains antioxidants, which protect the skin from exposure to the signs of aging and wrinkles

 helps tighten the skin well, which helps prevent fine lines that appear on the skin.

Mix turmeric powder with water or lemon juice, or coconut oil and wipe it on the stretch marks and leave it for 20 minutes then remove it.

Do this once or twice a day.

7-Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera

Contains high levels of water, which helps in moisturizing the skin without leaving a fatty traces on it.

It stimulates fibroblast activity, increasing collagen production and elastin fibers in the body, making the skin less wrinkled and more elastic.

The salicylic acid existing in Aloe Vera helps get rid of dead skin and harmful bacteria accumulated on the skin.

Rub it on the marks once a day.               

8- Playing sports:

play sport

playing sports helps get rid of stretch marks as it strengthens blood circulation, which provides the necessary nutrition for the skin.

stretch marks

There are also creams made with natural ingredients that moisturize the skin and get rid of stretch marks.

If you are looking for the best products to get rid of stretch marks.

revamin stretch marks is one of the best Products that existing on the market.

Revamin Stretch Mark is an advanced cream that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The cosmetic contains extracts, vitamins, and oils that improve the condition of the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and arms. 

The natural formula of the product makes it safe for the skin and does not cause side effects.




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