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walking sport

Sport is a very important thing in our life, Living healthy, flexible and energetic body and high spirits are really great.

This can only be by practicing sport.

Today, on this topic, we will talk about walking sport and its importance on general health.

The benefits of sportive exercise generally depend on three factors:

Exercise intensity, duration, and a number of times to repeat it.

Walking is one of the least intense and easiest sports for humans, as it is suitable for all categories and ages.

What is the correct way to walk to get the best results?

Fast walking regularly  (at least 30 minutes for 5 days per week).

you start with ten minutes on the first day and gradually increase the time until you reach the desired goal, and whenever the walking period longer the result become better

 the posture of the body should be appropriate and moderate in the following manner:

                                                                         walking sport 

 * Raise the head and look forward, and not toward the ground.

*Not to make the chest, neck, and shoulders bent forward.

*Move the arms freely.

*Tightening the muscles of the abdomen and straightening the back.

*Walk smoothly by making the heel of the foot touch the ground first and then the fingers.

The benefits of walking:

If you are one of those who do not like doing sport  and tend to be lazy because of its difficulty  and the tiredness associated with that, Of course, you will not hesitate to do walking sport for being easy and more than that, its benefits to your health and it can change your life to a better way.

A study on the elderly was published in 2008 in a magazine (Preventive Medicine )that Walking regularly for an hour or more reduced the number of deaths in this category.

1-Walking benefits the heart and lungs, as it helps to increase blood circulation activity, resulting from burning oxygen, and this leads to strengthening the muscles of the body.

2-Helps calm frayed nerves and relieve daily life stress.

3- It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, legs, and pelvis, and helps in getting a healthy body.

4-It reduces the possibility of the appearance of the rumen, and helps to reduce it, as well as reduce the size of the buttocks, As it helps the body to lose extra calories, consume excess body fat, and it also reduces stomach and skin sagging that results from weight loss.

5-It reduces high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

6-It reduces joint pain and help it lubricate, vigor, and ease of movement, and it also helps relieve muscle tension and spasms.

7-Treats indigestion, chronic constipation, and colon spasms. It helps in moving the intestine and relieves gases, colon pain, and emptying it.

8-Improves  breathing; It strengthens the chest muscles and helps to increase lung expansion and improve its function, and reduce the severity of respiratory diseases.

9-Help treat or relieve some chronic injuries such as a herniated disc of the back.

10-Helps protect the respiratory system from viruses and bacteria.

11-It protects against influenza and cold diseases.

12-Contributes to ridding the skin from dead skin cells.

13-Prevents Cancer According to the American Cancer Society researchers, walking regularly can reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. Women who walk daily could reduce their risk of breast cancer to almost 54 percent.  

14-Decreases The Risk Of Diabetes Walking is the better thing to curb diabetes

Tips when walking:

Choose suitable shock-absorbent shoes.

Drink water while walking.

so what you're waiting for, start walking

walking sport




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