Friday, April 30, 2021

White bean mask for more youth and softness face

White bean mask for oily skin

Many of us try to take care of  skin, especially  face, and  despite the abundance of skincare products, but most of them are ineffective, harmful, or expensive, which makes it difficult for some to obtain the right product.

today we are gonna present to you something natural and special and effective

For a smoother and more beautiful face, here's a mask of white beans for oily skin.

White bean is one of the types of cereals that are high in protein and fiber, so it digests slowly and reduces hunger. 

As for the folic acid in kidney beans, it helps improve heart health and benefits pregnant women.

White bean mask

White beans also contain antioxidants that prevent the signs of aging on the skin, and protect it when exposed to sunlight, as it treats infections that occur on the skin, as a result of exposure to the sun, and may lead to wrinkles. In addition, white beans provide the body with copper, zinc, and proteins, which give health and vitality to hair and nails.

The ingredients:

* Two tablespoons of white beans, finely ground(Fine powder).

* Hot water.

* A few drops of lemon.

White bean mask

How to use:

1-Put two tablespoons of beans in a form soft powder.

2-Add a little hot water and a few drops of lemon to it.

3-Put the bean mixture on your face and leave it for 20 min.

4-Then remove the mask with lukewarm water, and then rinse your face with cold water.

5-Repeat this mask twice a week, and you will get an amazing result during the first week and It will make it whiter and more vibrant.



Thursday, April 29, 2021



keto diet

Many people suffer from obesity, which leads to many health problems and troubles in lifestyle.

because of that a lot of them want to lose weight.

There are many ways to lose weight, but the most effective one today is keto diet.

What is the keto diet?

It is a diet system  or program, and  many people have achieved good results to lose weight through it.

It is based on high fats and low carbohydrates.

This means making the body get its energy from fats instead of carbohydrates.

When a person consumes fewer carbohydrates, the body produces ketones.

What are ketones?

Ketones are small energy molecules that are produced in the liver, when the level of insulin in the blood is very low.

The source of these ketones is the fats stored in the body.

The idea:

In normal cases, when we consume carbohydrates, blood sugar rises, so insulin increases to store excess sugar as fat, which leads to weight gain.

In advanced cases, excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugar causes insulin resistance of the body, In this case, the body's cells will not respond to insulin and It will not be able to use the blood sugar for metabolism.

Insulin production continues because the blood sugar has not decreased.

This insulin resistance will be a precursor to type 2 diabetes and more weight gain.

The idea of ​​this diet revolves around reducing carbohydrates by a large percentage, by eating less than 50 g of carbohydrates per day.

After a while, the body will not find the fuel it needs from the amount of blood sugar that carbohydrates usually provide.

Then the level of insulin in the blood decreases  because there is no sugar in blood what  makes the liver begins  burning the fats that stored in the body, to rely on it as a source of energy.

So the keto diet: is a diet based on the consumption of ketones that are produced from fats and proteins stored in the body because there is no blood sugar as energy.

keto diet

Avoid foods that contain a large amount of carbohydrates ( less than 50 g per day).

The body needs time to adjust to a low-carb diet, Which helps in burning fat and losing weight effectively without depriving some foods.

A keto dieter can eat the most delicious food of proteins and fats while eating sugars and carbohydrates at a low rate not exceeding 5% per day.

the benefits of the keto diet:

- Helps lose weight quickly.

- Increase the body's resistance to cancer.

- Reduces the chances of acne.

- Dealing with diabetes.

- Helps treat epilepsy.

- Helps treat nervous system disorders.

- Helps treat PCOS.

- Increase the endurance of athletes.

There are also disadvantages to the keto diet, especially if it is not under the supervision of specialists, some of them are: frequent thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, confusion, anxiety, headache, and constipation.

For this, make sure to follow specialists to give you the appropriate program and advices for your body.

Types of keto diet: there are three types

  • SKD (standard ketogenic diet): 75% fat , 20% protein , 5% carbohydrate.

  • CKD ( cyclical ketogenic diet): this method is based on carbohydrate cycles more than the SKD system, follows a 6-day diet, for example, and increases carbohydrates on the seventh day.

  • TKD( targeted ketogenic diet): high protein diet, Usually it is for athletes to enlarge and build muscle. 

60% fat, 35% protein, 5% carbohydrate, and so far it is considered as the best one of the three types.

Allowed foods on the keto diet:

It is possible to eat healthy fats found in red meat, poultry, eggs, and fish, and the system also allows eating different types of butter and cheese, but in limited proportions, in addition to low-carb vegetables such as green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and spinach, You can also eat nuts and add olive or coconut oil to your food.

Foods not allowed on the keto diet: 

The system forbids eating rice, pasta, wheat, corn, potatoes, sugars such as sweets, soft drinks, unnatural juices, fruits in all their forms, including dried and canned foods, ice cream, and others.

How to follow and start the keto diet:

As we said previously, the best way to start and follow a keto diet program is by following the specialist to get the appropriate program that provides the body with all its need and creates the necessary balance.

If you are looking for a safe and professional diet program, you can order it now:

custom keto diet



Monday, April 26, 2021



walking sport

Sport is a very important thing in our life, Living healthy, flexible and energetic body and high spirits are really great.

This can only be by practicing sport.

Today, on this topic, we will talk about walking sport and its importance on general health.

The benefits of sportive exercise generally depend on three factors:

Exercise intensity, duration, and a number of times to repeat it.

Walking is one of the least intense and easiest sports for humans, as it is suitable for all categories and ages.

What is the correct way to walk to get the best results?

Fast walking regularly  (at least 30 minutes for 5 days per week).

you start with ten minutes on the first day and gradually increase the time until you reach the desired goal, and whenever the walking period longer the result become better

 the posture of the body should be appropriate and moderate in the following manner:

                                                                         walking sport 

 * Raise the head and look forward, and not toward the ground.

*Not to make the chest, neck, and shoulders bent forward.

*Move the arms freely.

*Tightening the muscles of the abdomen and straightening the back.

*Walk smoothly by making the heel of the foot touch the ground first and then the fingers.

The benefits of walking:

If you are one of those who do not like doing sport  and tend to be lazy because of its difficulty  and the tiredness associated with that, Of course, you will not hesitate to do walking sport for being easy and more than that, its benefits to your health and it can change your life to a better way.

A study on the elderly was published in 2008 in a magazine (Preventive Medicine )that Walking regularly for an hour or more reduced the number of deaths in this category.

1-Walking benefits the heart and lungs, as it helps to increase blood circulation activity, resulting from burning oxygen, and this leads to strengthening the muscles of the body.

2-Helps calm frayed nerves and relieve daily life stress.

3- It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, legs, and pelvis, and helps in getting a healthy body.

4-It reduces the possibility of the appearance of the rumen, and helps to reduce it, as well as reduce the size of the buttocks, As it helps the body to lose extra calories, consume excess body fat, and it also reduces stomach and skin sagging that results from weight loss.

5-It reduces high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

6-It reduces joint pain and help it lubricate, vigor, and ease of movement, and it also helps relieve muscle tension and spasms.

7-Treats indigestion, chronic constipation, and colon spasms. It helps in moving the intestine and relieves gases, colon pain, and emptying it.

8-Improves  breathing; It strengthens the chest muscles and helps to increase lung expansion and improve its function, and reduce the severity of respiratory diseases.

9-Help treat or relieve some chronic injuries such as a herniated disc of the back.

10-Helps protect the respiratory system from viruses and bacteria.

11-It protects against influenza and cold diseases.

12-Contributes to ridding the skin from dead skin cells.

13-Prevents Cancer According to the American Cancer Society researchers, walking regularly can reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. Women who walk daily could reduce their risk of breast cancer to almost 54 percent.  

14-Decreases The Risk Of Diabetes Walking is the better thing to curb diabetes

Tips when walking:

Choose suitable shock-absorbent shoes.

Drink water while walking.

so what you're waiting for, start walking

walking sport



Friday, April 23, 2021




Our life has changed somewhat due to this pandemic that does not want to end, so we have to adapt and coexist with the new circumstances.

And for this to happen, we must know our enemy very well.

What is coronavirus:

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is a contagious disease caused by the recently discovered coronavirus.

How does it spread?:

Coronavirus is transmitted mainly through droplets that an infected person secretes when he coughs, sneezes, or breathes. The weight of these drops is too heavy to remain suspended in the air, as they fall quickly on the ground or surfaces.

how to be infected?:

You may be infected through breathing if you are very close to a person with Covid-19 disease or touch a contaminated surface and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Do you have COVID-19  without knowing?:


Some people have Corona disease without symptoms, and some have symptoms similar to some common known diseases, so caution is necessary.

COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most people who develop it have mild to moderate symptoms and recover without hospitalization.

We start with 7 symptoms that you should notice, and they may seem general and are not related to Covid-19, but they may indicate that you have Corona:

*Conjunctivitis, according to a french magazine article) santeplus(.

* Anorexia.

* Abdominal pain.

* diarrhea.

* Fatigue and tiredness.

* Brain fog is the mental confusion that hinders our ability to think or remember daily things.

* Discoloration of the skin, limb swelling, itching, or rash may be skin symptoms of the coronavirus.

There are also other symptoms, up to 33 symptoms, as indicated by the World Health Organization:

Fever, dry cough, loss of smell, headache, Sore throat

Nausea, Vomiting, Bloody cough, Hoarseness, Muscle and joint pain,

difficulty breathing, Chest pain, photophobia, Sore eyes, Itchy eyes, Redness of the tongue, Tongue swelling, Depapillated tongue, Sudden deafness, Strange sensation in the nose, Excessive nasal dryness, nasal douche, Facial nerve paralysis, Acrocyanosis.

Corona infection duration and recovery:

Symptoms appear after infection with Coronavirus within 5 to 6 days in many cases, but this period can range from one day to 14 days.

On the third day, an infected person becomes contagious.

On the twelfth day, an infected person becomes non-contagious.

Symptoms usually last for 14 days from their onset and may last longer.

If you suspect that you have corona, consult a doctor, and always maintain standards of social distancing, personal hygiene, and wearing masks, in accordance with the health guidelines in your country.

You might be one of those people who are not harmed by the disease,

But the virus may harm the elderly and people with chronic diseases, you have to think about them.

General advice and correcting the wrong information about Coronavirus:

vitamins and mineral supplements cannot cure Covid-19: There are excellent vitamins and mineral supplements to help the immune system such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc but it is not a sure treatment for coronavirus.

Hydroxychloroquine has no clinical benefits in treating COVID-19:Current data shows that this drug does not reduce deaths among hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

Dexamethasone only helps advanced cases of Corona patients and does not benefit mild cases.

Wearing a muzzle while playing sport: do not wear the mask while playing a sport, as the muzzle may limit the ability to breathe comfortably and  The mask may get wet due to perspiration, which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microbes.

Most people who get COVID-19 recover from it.

drinking alcohol does not protect you from COVID-19 and it may harm your health.

Thermal scanners can not detect the COVID-19.

COVID-19 is not transmitted by house flies.

The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in hot and humid climates.

Bathing in hot water does not prevent the emerging coronavirus disease.

coronavirus cannot be transmitted by mosquito bites.

People of all ages are infected with the Coronavirus, and it appears that the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) are most likely.

stop the spread:

Stopping the spread of the virus is the best way to confront this pandemic actually.

Therefore take your responsibility and take care of yourself and the others. 


Sources: World Health Organization



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