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effective way to lose weight

 NuviaLab Keto for Weight Loss


nuvialab keto
nuvialab keto

The keto diet is one of the diets used to lose weight, and it is one of the modern programs, but it has become very popular during the last period, due to the demand for it by many people around the world.

The idea of ​​the keto diet is that you get more calories from protein and fat and less carbs, and that you cut back on easily digestible carbohydrates like sugar, soda, pastries and white bread.

But there are some disadvantages sometimes for some people who using traditional diet, it will be a wonderful and effective to add nuvialab keto  to the keto diet that you are using.

What is nuvialab keto?

NuviaLab Keto is a multi-ingredient food supplement that supports weight control while on the ketogenic diet.

It is dedicated to people who want to lose weight while following a high-fat diet.

NuviaLab Keto supports weight loss, adds energy, supports fat metabolism and provides support during the so-called "keto flu". In addition, the product improves digestion and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. NuviaLab Keto is the perfect solution for people who want to achieve ketosis.

Is product x effective?

Regular use of NuviaLab Keto effectively supports weight loss, Just a few weeks after starting to use the food supplement you will notice changes on your body!

NuviaLab Keto can:

Help maintain ketosis.

Reduce appetite and the need for snacking.

Support the metabolism.

Accelerate the reduction of body fat.

Provide energy and increase stamina.


How does NuviaLab Keto support a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is a way of eating, in which carbohydrates are limited to the necessary minimum amount of about 50 grams per day. Since these compounds are the main source of energy for the body, it is forced to use alternatives. A well-conducted keto diet makes the body reach for fats for this purpose. The body begins to produce ketone bodies through the oxidation of fatty acids - this state is called ketosis.

Despite the beneficial effects of a ketogenic diet on the body, this way of eating can become somewhat of a challenge - especially for beginners. Abruptly giving up carbohydrates often causes a number of side effects, such as weakness, lethargy, attacks of ravenous hunger or the so-called "keto flu".

The answer to these problems is NuviaLab Keto.

 The formula of this food supplement was developed in such a way as to eliminate the negative effects of going into a state of ketosis and is composed of high quality natural ingredients selected in such a way as to ensure effectiveness and safety.


Is nuvialab keto safe?

NuviaLab Keto formula is composed of 100% natural ingredients selected to ensure effectiveness and safety.

It is a guarantee of safety and comfort of use, the production process is supervised by qualified specialists who care about the high quality of the product.


Ingredients of NuviaLab Keto:


All ingredients are 100 % natural, effective and safe.

ForsLean®: is an extract from Indian nettle known as a natural fat burner, it helps to:

Increases the release of insulin.

Accelerates the process of lipolysis.

Limits the growth of fat tissue.

Expands the blood vessels.

Supports fat metabolism.


Citrin®: is malabar tamarind (garcinia cambogia) extract,it helps:

Reduces appetite.

Gradually reduces body fat.

Lowers triglycerides and cholesterol.

May improve mood.


Guarana Seed Extract [22% Caffeine], it helps:

Supports lipid metabolism.

Reduces appetite.

Improves concentration.

Slows down the formation of new fat cells.


Green Tea Leaf Extract [40% EGCG], helps:

Improves digestion.

Accelerates calorie burning.

Supports the fat-burning process.


Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract [2% Capsaicin], helps:

Supports weight management.

Improves the functioning of the digestive system.

Stimulates the production of digestive juices.

Has anti-inflammatory properties.



Increases the absorption of nutrients.

Regulates the frequency of bowel movements.

Supports the secretion of digestive juices.

Has an antioxidant effect.

Helps control weight.


Vitamin B6:

Helps metabolize complex carbohydrates.

Supports the fat-burning process.

Improves concentration.

Supports a good night's sleep.



Helps control blood sugar.

Improves digestion.

Accelerates weight loss.

Lowers cholesterol levels.


Comparison of the effects of using the diet alone with a diet supported by NuviaLab Keto:

There is a clear difference in the results of losing weight between a Traditional balanced diet and diet supported by NuviaLab Keto.

So do not hesitate to purchase a product NuviaLab Keto and Notice the difference for yourself.


Comparison of the effects of using the diet alone with a diet supported by NuviaLab Keto

The bottom line:

LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diets are extremely popular, take advantage of this fact and promote NuviaLab Keto - the best supplement supporting the ketogenic diet.



Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Cinnamon is magic for weight loss and insulin resistance treatment


People are ready to try fad diets and weight reduction products when it comes to achieving a healthy weight, but they overlook the necessity of eating properly. It is critical to recognize that the road to greater health begins with a healthy diet, and that there is no short remedy for this.

It is very wonderful when there is a food or drink that you love and  suddenly you discover that it is healthy and very useful; and it also helps in burning more fat and thus losing weight.

In today's topic, we are going to talk about something many of us use it in food and others drink it in the form of tea.

It's cinnamon.

What`s cinnamon:

It is the bark of a tropical evergreen tree ,and there are different types of cinnamon the most important is:

ceylon cinnamon, whose original homeland is Sri Lanka, is the least common and most expensive; It is light brown in color, used in cooking, and recognized by its quality,the other type is Chinese cinnamon (Cassia), which originated in China and is the most prevalent. It has a dark reddish-brown hue and a firmer texture than Ceylon cinnamon.

cassia vs ceylon


Cinnamon properties and advantages:

Cinnamon contains large amounts of powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which reduces the risk of many diseases by protecting the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, as well as has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Nutritional value of cinnamon:

The following table shows the content of 100 grams of nutrients:


10.58 milliliters


 247 calories


3.99 grams


 80.59 grams


 1.24 grams


 1002 milligrams


64 milligrams


 431 milligrams


 60 milligrams


8,32 milligrams


 10 milligrams


1.83 milligrams


 0.339 milligrams


17,466 milligrams

Vitamin B1

0.022 milligrams

 Vitamin B2

 0.041 mg

Vitamin B3

 1.332 mg

Vitamin B5

 0.358 mg

Vitamin B6

 0.158 mg


 6 mcg

 Vitamin A

295 IU


 3.1 mcg

 Vitamin C

 3.8 mg

 Vitamin E

 2.32 mg


In this topic we demonstrate how cinnamon can assist you in overcoming insulin resistance and losing weight.

first, let's get this straight, when we discuss a drink or nutritional supplement that aids in the reduction of insulin resistance or weight loss, of course, this does not imply that you have an unhealthy dinner and then drink a cup of cinnamon tea and expect favorable outcomes.


Insulin resistance and weight gain:

Basically anything that has an effect on blood sugar and insulin resistance; it should have an effect on weight.

Therefore, according to many studies, there is a significant relationship between insulin resistance and increased body fat; Hence weight gain (1),(2).

The pancreas' beta cells produce the hormone insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin regulates blood sugar levels by stimulating the body's cells to receive high levels of glucose in the blood after each meal and convert it into energy that the cell uses to carry out its functions, resulting in a fall in blood sugar levels.

But if the cells of the body do not respond to insulin (disease condition), will be an increase in the level of blood sugar as a result of not responding  body cells to insulin.

With the increased secretion of insulin from the pancreas to control sugar, and its failure to control its ratio, it converts glucose in this case into fat that accumulates in the abdomen and under the skin, which certainly causes obesity.

How does cinnamon help us lose weight and get rid of insulin resistance?¨


Cinnamon and obesity:

According to the study's summary , cinnamon supplementation positively affects obesity (3).

The researchers found that people who took cinnamon  (2g or more means half a teaspoon ) for 12 weeks ,they show a significant improvement in weight, fat mass and waist circumference.

Cinnamon and insulin sensitivity:

A-In a study (4) conducted on rats about the effect of cinnamon on insulin sensitivity, they found that cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity.

Experiments have found a relationship between cinnamon and metabolic syndrome, w here they found that cinnamon helps treat metabolic syndrome very noticeably.

What is metabolic syndrome?

cinnamon and metabolic syndrome

metabolic syndrome is considered the disease of the era, which many people suffer from.

It is a group of symptoms that come together , which are weight gain, insulin resistance, and high triglycerides, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

The following Diagram shows the effect of cinnamon on metabolic syndrome in general

diagram show relationship between cinnamon and metabolic syndrome

B-In an other study (5) they tried cinnamon on patients with type 2 diabetes and they found that it improved cumulative sugar (glycated hemoglobin) and fasting sugar , this means that it reduces insulin resistance, and it reduces diabetes and weight as a result.

How to use cinnamon:

Cinnamon can be eaten and used as a spice; or use it to make healthy cakes like pancakes , it can also be made into tea by adding half a teaspoon to a cup of hot water.

If you can eat Ceylon cinnamon, it is better because it contains less coumarin than cassia cinnamon which make it  more safer.


The Botom line:

cinnamon has a significant effect on insulin resistance, weight and blood sugar.

where if we focus on the metabolic syndrome, we find that abdominal obesity - prediabetes - hypertension - insulin resistance – dyslipidemia all come togater.

cinnamon and metabolic syndrome

People should always ask their doctor before using cinnamon supplements or adding it to their diet.

Eating high doses of coumarin, which is found in cinnamon, may causes  some health problems for some people, so eating it in moderation does not provide the body with quantities of , which cause serious side effects.

Ceylon cinnamon contains less coumarin than Chinese cinnamon, which makes it safer.



Thursday, October 21, 2021

what exercises burn the most fat?


It's no secret that exercise offers a myriad of health benefits. But depending on your goals and fitness level, the type and duration of exercise you need to achieve these goals can differ vary greatly.

Searching for the most effective way to get fat burn, burn calories, lose weight while maintaining muscle, increase muscle, increase fitness, strengthen cardio, and much more than just that, then look no further than the HIIT.

HIIT workout

The best HIIT workout to lose weight:

-Battle ropes.


-Assault bike.

-Jump rope.


-Ball slams.



What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

 By definition, high-intensity interval training is a type of interval training in which aerobic exercise or activities are performed for short periods of time followed by shorter recovery periods.

The benefits of HIIT:

Here are six reasons why you should practice high-intensity interval training (HIIT):

HIIT workout

1-It gives you the most bang for your buck in terms of getting more done in less time.

When compared to steady-state workout cardio, HIIT burns more calories during and after a workout.

10-12 minutes of real HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which is work intervals where you put out your best effort; has the ability to burn far more calories than a complete 40-minute steady-state cardio exercise.


2-Burns fat faster than any other type of exercises.

Because of the influence, HIIT has on your metabolism, you can burn fat for up to 24 hours after you finish your workout.


3-improves body symmetry and aesthetics.

By engaging in high-intensity functional exercises, you can improve your body composition by melting fat; it also targets muscles that typical weight training may miss.

This leads to stronger muscle tissue, better symmetry, and a healthier, more appealing, aesthetic physique.


4-There will never be a dull moment.

People frequently complain about reaching fitness plateaus, losing motivation, or becoming bored from their routines, which is, of course, what will happen if you keep doing the same thing.

HIIT is difficult, but exciting, and never boring.


5-Improve mental fortitude and self-discipline.

with HIIT you are forced to push yourself much beyond your comfort zone; it is hard.


 6-You'll feel fantastic right away.

Intense exercise triggers the release of mood-enhancing endorphins in the brain.

This improves focus, mental sharpness, and alertness, and overall puts you in a more positive state of mind.







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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat?

belly fat

Many people suffer from the problem of the appearance of the rumen.

And most of them ,try to get rid of this problem by practicing and focusing on abdominal exercises; week after week but without any change.

In this topic, we will tell you why abdominal exercises may not do any good in getting rid of belly fat.

Abdominal exercises may not get rid of belly fat:

According to one study, abdominal exercises do not show any noticeable decrease in weight and body fat percentage and abdominal circumference or in the fat located under the skin of the abdomen.

Regardless of this, there is a positive side to these exercises, It is that these exercises contributed to enhancing endurance, and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

What is belly fat and why does it accumulate in the abdominal area?

First, it must identify the fat in the abdominal area, which is 3 kinds:

1-subcutaneous fat: which is under the skin.

2- liver Fat: accumulated on the liver.

3-visceral fat: which wraps around your abdominal organs inside your body

These fats accumulate as a result of excessive insulin secretion, which is the result of eating a lot of carbohydrates.

how to get rid of belly fat:

belly fats

We knew that excessive insulin secretion is the reason for the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

So the main question is, do abdominal exercises help reduce the excess insulin secretion?

absolutely no, Exercise alone will not get the job done.

To get rid of belly fat, you must do the following:

A) change diet:

As 80% of the result achieved depends on the diet, therefore, following a healthy keto diet is a good option because it contains a low percentage of carbohydrates.

B) cardio workout:

Focus on sports that increase the heart rate because they are more effective in burning fat.

The bottom line:

The emergence of the rumen is a sign of excessive insulin secretion in the body as a result of eating large amounts of carbohydrates.

To get rid of belly fat, you must change your diet to a low-carb diet and focus on cardio exercises to burn more fat.

And if you want a tight belly, and appearance of six-pack you can add abdominal exercises to your Sportif routine.

Other tips to get the best results:

-Sleep well 7 to 8 hours a day.

-Drink enough water daily.

-Avoid stress, anxiety, and extreme fatigue as much as possible.





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